Worth School District 127
Worth Junior High

WJHS Declamation Team Succeeds at SSJHSC

Congratulations to Worth Junior High School students (pictured from left) Hanadie Tulemat, Olivia Kot, Miral Kayed, Olivia Arp, Toni Gunderson and Anella Moore for their outstanding performances at the South Suburban Junior High School Conference’s annual Declamation Event which was held at Richards High School on Saturday, February 24. Hanadie Tulemat, Olivia Kot, and Toni Gunderson qualified for finals competition where Hanadie Tulemat earned a 6th place finish in the 8th grade declamation bracket and Olivia Kot earned a 4th place finish in the 7th grade declamation bracket. Special thanks to Mrs. Colleen DeGonia (pictured far right) for her excellent work as a coach of Worth Junior High School's 2018 Declamation Team.


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