Worth School District 127
Worth Junior High

WJH Students Participate in
SSJHSC 2017 Student Senate

On Friday, November 17, students from Worth Junior High School participated in the South Suburban Junior High School Conference’s Annual Student Senate. Approximately 60 students from the 10 conference schools gathered together at Wilkins Junior High School in Justice in order to participate in team building and leadership activities. Students who participate in the Student Senate qualify through the recommendations of administration and staff as a result of demonstrating strong character and leadership potential among their grade level peers.

Pictured are the students and staff of Worth Junior High who participated in this year’s Student Senate. Starting from the top left: Mrs. Colleen DeGonia (Student Council Moderator), Jeremy Soldan, Colin Blanks, Ms. Lisa Bray (Student Council Moderator), and Hanadie Tulemat. Starting from the bottom left, Ty Kupfer, Scarlett Tully, and Jenna Abuzzer

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