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8th Graders Experiment with Respiration/Fermentation in Yeast

Balloon Experiment

During the week of January 16, in order to obtain a better understanding of respiration/fermentation, 8th graders in Mrs. Charniak's Science class participated in experiments where they hypothesized and collected data related to what would happen to a balloon covering the opening of a flask when yeast, sugar, and water were combined within the flask.

WJHS Girls Basketball All-Stars

Congratulations to Worth Junior High's 8th graders Heba Rashid and Sofia Cerullo on their performance during the 2017 South Suburban Junior High School Conference Girls Basketball All-Star Game on December 12th at Arbor Park Middle School. 

Special accolades are also due to Heba Rashid for winning the South Suburban Junior High School Conference’s annual All-Star Shooting contest. Great job!


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