Worth School District 127
Worth Junior High

ASL Interpreter Visits WJH

WJH students with goggles

On December 12, Madeline McMahon, an American Sign Language interpreter, spoke to the Worth Junior High's students about the challenges people living with vision and hearing impairments face. Students had an opportunity to wear special goggles to simulate various vision disabilities, and they learned how to assist people who are blind. Pictured are Worth Junior High's students Taylor and Sahara Figueroa.  Students also were provided the opportunity to learn a variety of signs from ASL and some of them even spent a class period attempting conversations using the ASL alphabet.

Students in Mrs. Smith's Reading class recently completed a unit focusing on Helen Keller and read a speech she delivered called "Finding Joy in Overcoming Obstacles." Students also analyzed an excerpt from her autobiography STORY OF MY LIFE and compared it to the THE MIRACLE WORKER. Students researched the history of Braille and American Sign Language using Study Sync Blast Research Links and a Google Site created by Mrs. Valenti, Worth Junior High's Media Center Director. They also researched the relevance of Braille and Sign Language in our world today as they learned some ASL and how to create Braille letters during a hands-on learning activity in class.

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