Worth School District 127
Worth Junior High

Porch Light Parade 2018

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On October 11th, approximately 60 students from Worth Junior High worked with members of the Worth Lions Club during the Worth Lions Club's annual Porch Light Parade. Together, students and Lions Club members collected money from Worth residents who left their porch lights on in order to signal that they were willing to donate to this worthy cause. As a result of their efforts, the students of Worth Junior High helped the Worth Lions Club raise $1,600 that will go toward helping families in need throughout the Worth community.

Pictured are one of the many teams that worked together that evening with Worth Village President Mary Werner. Starting from the left are Worth Junior High students Priti Patel, Melisa Ercakar, Anella Moore, Village President Mary Werner, Kasey Ramirez, and Katherine Cain.


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