Worth School District 127
Worth Junior High

Student Leaders Recognized

Congratulations to Worth Junior High 8th graders Shahrazad Al-Rifai and Ty Kupfer who were recognized at the 2019 Illinois Principals Association's Annual Student Recognition Breakfast which was held at the Odyssey Country Club in Tinley Park on May 3rd. Shahrazad and Ty were among a group of 156 high school and middle school students from the South Cook region who were selected to be recognized as a student leader who have made positive contributions to their schools.

Shahrazad is an outstanding student who currently holds a 4.00 grade point average and who will be attending Stagg High School next year with a career goal of becoming a criminal lawyer. Ty is a young man who prides himself on doing his best to make a positive impact in the world around him and has already done so as a member of Worth Junior High School's student council. Ty will also be attending Stagg High School in the fall and plans to either serve in the military or pursue a career in Marine Biology.  

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