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Spelling Bee

veterans day

Worth Elementary School recently held their annual Spelling Bee. Eighteen 5th graders participated. It came down to the final two participants. Safa Alwatik, pictured front row right, finished second place and Tanya Wiseman was this year’s first place winner pictured front row left.

The rest of the participants were: Top row from left to right, Carlos Castillo, Rishi Patel, Krzysztof Komorowski, Hannah Walker, Alexandria Stergiopoulos, Luz Diaz, Ratib Zatar. Bottom row from left to right. Jason Crowe, JR Wilson, Dimitri Latka, Dominic Benevice, Karim Hassan, Rod Garcia, Dekari Shelton, Filip Zawodniak and Mohammad Dalis.

Tanya will be representing Worth Elementary at the Worth Township Spelling bee in April. Good luck Tanya!


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