Worth School District 127
Worth Elementary

Veterans' Day Program

veterans day

Worth Elementary recently held a Veteran’s Day Program honoring those soldiers who served in the military.

Pictured in Row 1: Our Fifth Grade Student Council Readers – Blayne Grote, Aiden Dudek, Brody Whelan, Dominic Benevice, Carlos Castillo and Ewelina  Wieczorek. Row 2: Emelia Danko, VJ Danko, Memphis Echeverria, Jessa Echeverria, Kim McKinney,Roy Casino, Willow Beakley, Larry Palmbos, Kiera Kerkstra. Row 3: Officer Mike Cozzi. Mayor Mary Werner, Bonnie Price, Sofia Schulte, Ray Mulrenin, Ed Wilson, JR Wilson, Michael Hudson, Nathan Hudson and Principal Tim Hathhorn.

Thank you to Mrs. Berthold and all our Student Council members for helping make this day possible.


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