Worth School District 127
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WE Installs 2017-18 Student Council

student council 2017

Worth Elementary School Installs their 2017-2018 Student Council. Pictured is Principal Tim Hathhorn, Mrs. Andie Berthold, Mayor Mary Werner and Officer Mike Cozzi who installed the 5th graders at an all school assembly. 

The Worth Elementary Student Council includes J.R Wilson, Luke Vancura, Brody Whelan, Carlos Castillo, Dominic Benevice, Ziyad Alhamayel, Mohammad Elayaan, Ratib Zatar, Amara Morris, Tanya Wiseman, Alexis Stergiopoulos, Dekari Shelton, Babatunde Palmer, Aaliyah Melendez, Blayne Grote, Dimitri Latka, Stevie Ziegler, Karina Lara, Ewelina Wieczorek, Josie Hansen, Malak Ammari, Aiden Dudek and Megan Packwood.

The Student Council helps develop and implement service projects throughout the year. Some of the these projects include, Veterans Day activities, Hats for Hurricane Relief, The Treasure Chest Foundation, Food Drives and the Peace and Justice Assembly.


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