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Worth's Got Talent

Students from Worth Elementary School posed for a picture just after their 2018 “Worth’s Got Talent” Talent Show. Pictured are: Ayoub Nassan, Eva Javorski, Jazelle Franklin, Mariah Covarrubias, Karim Hassan, Ben Jones, Karina Lara, Karolina Janik, Michaela Finnigan, Lilly Cobb, Sean Jerozal, Emilia Pardol, Krishna Patel, Safa Abusafa, Sophia Flores, Megan Packwood, Madelyn Hindhaugh, Mila Rocush, Luz Diaz, Samir Kayed, Allison Andricopulos, JR Wilson and Hannah Walker.

WE & WW Students at the Math Bowl

Students in grades 1-4 from Worthwoods and Worth Elementary School participated in the South Cook Math Bowl at Prairie State College on May 11th. The competition consisted of 5 events – 3 individual and 2 team events.

The events included a KenKen, logic puzzles, various Math Olympiad/algebraic problems and balance puzzles.

Congratulations to Amir Zatar for being selected the District MVP!

Pictured: Row 1 - Amir Zatar, Naomi Cordova, Adam Mos, Liliana Master; Row 2 – Krzysztof Maciorowski, Szymon Bilek, Karallah Nassar, Rafiq AbuHanoun

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All visitors must check in the office when entering the building. I.D. is required for everyone entering the building or picking up a student.

Absence Number: 708-671-5859

Mr. Tim Hathhorn

Mr. Tim Hathhorn