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Spelling Bee Winners

Spelling Bee Winners

Worth Elementary recently held their annual 5th grade Spelling Bee on March 23rd, 2017. The event was coached and organized by our 5th grade teacher, Andi Berthold. The following students participated.

Pictured from left to right: Daniel Graca, Damian Pardol, Avery Berry, Hana Sada, Daniel Staszel, Abigail Andricopulos, Ryan Sprandel, Karolina Bugara, Olivia Flores, Kasper Gronski, Miani Munoz, Daniel Chrobak and Nathan Bucio. The winner of the spelling bee was Jake Diaferio and the runner up was Ahmad Abusafa.

Jake will represent Worth Elementary School in the Worth Township Spelling Bee that will take place on April 28th. Congratulations to all of our 5th grade participants!

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