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WW & WE Students at the Math Bowl

Students in grades 1-4 from Worthwoods and Worth Elementary School participated in the South Cook Math Bowl at Prairie State College on May 11th. The competition consisted of 5 events – 3 individual and 2 team events.

The events included a KenKen, logic puzzles, various Math Olympiad/algebraic problems and balance puzzles.

Congratulations to Amir Zatar for being selected the District MVP!

Pictured: Row 1 - Amir Zatar, Naomi Cordova, Adam Mos, Liliana Master; Row 2 – Krzysztof Maciorowski, Szymon Bilek, Karallah Nassar, Rafiq AbuHanoun

Wax Museum at Worthwoods

The 5th grade students’ annual Wax Museum was a huge success! In preparation for this project students researched a historic figure that impacted the United States, prepared a visual display telling about their character, and brought that character to life at the historical Living Wax Museum. Visitors to the museum dropped coins in donation boxes to make the characters come to life, and this year they collected over $1,000!

All proceeds were donated to the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary. In cooperation with the American Legion Marrs-Meyer Post #991 and the Lions Club, the Auxiliary provides food baskets to Worth residents in need. Thanks to Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Hope, Mrs. Stefanelli, Mrs. Zator, Mr. Sherman and Mrs. Gehrke for their guidance and support of this annual event.

You can see a collage of photos of each student who participated right here!

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