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4th Grade Invention Convention

Our terrific 4th graders put on a wonderful "invention convention" recently at Worthwoods where they had to invent a product and show how it worked through their own research, hypotheses, and finally, if their invention was successful by showing what results they were able to get. You can look at the full photo gallery by clicking here.

Waste-Free Lunch Day

This year for Earth Day the 5th grade students at Worthwoods Elementary School decided to honor Mother Earth by sponsoring a Waste-Free Lunch Day.

Over the course of three normal lunch days students monitored the garbage in the lunchroom to see how much trash was thrown away. It amounted to about 5 bags of trash per day. On April 25th, Waste Free Lunch Day, they set up a can for recycling, a can for compost, and a can for trash. This resulted in trash being reduced to only a single bag, three bags of recycling, and less than a bag of compost.

Students and staff were very proud of the student-initiated project. The students also made a commitment to continue to find ways to help and protect our Earth, starting with the school community.


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Mrs. Linda Esposito

Mrs. Linda Esposito